Would You Look at that!


This photo was taken from OMG.YAHOO.COM


Here is a picture of Ashley Benson formally known as Hannah on the hit ABC show “Pretty Little Liars.” She appeared at the “Spring Breakers” premiere in Los Angeles  wearing a beaded Armani mini dress with silver ankle-strap Monika Chiang D’Orsay stilettos. I like the dress because it looks like a dress that can be worn out to something fancy (as Ashley did) but it also looks like a dress that can be worn on a nice summer day. I decided to click the “get the look button” at the top of the page when I noticed how much they were offering for the outfit, I was shocked and decided to look for something similar else where. Here is what I found:

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 3.13.02 PM

This was taken from the H&M site. These aren’t exactly the same but they run for $39.95

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 3.10.32 PM

This was taken from Forever21.com and it’s almost similar to the dress Ashley is wearing. This runs for $29.80

In comparison to this outfit, the site on OMG.Yahoo.com linked a similar outfit of Ashley’s and it consisted of this:

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 3.19.52 PM

These shoes are from NastyGal.com and run for about $152.00

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 3.19.47 PM

This dress was also from NastyGal.com and it runs for about $198.00

As you can see there is a difference in prices with these outfits that look also exactly the same! The outfit I found totals to $69.75 where as the one on Yahoo totals to about $350.00. MAJOR DIFFERENCE! Mine saves you a good $280.25!! Be careful when choosing an outfit and always remember, if it seems like it is way to much money than it is! Dig a little deeper and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something cheaper but still very stylish!

-Take Care



The SnipSnap App

We all know how hard it can be to find that specific outfit that you are looking for  that is in the budget. For college students it can be hard to keep up with phone bills, car insurance, etc and making sure you have the right outfit to look your best. As mentioned in my welcome post I spoke about finding coupons and always giving your email to store clerks if they ask. From now on I think I found a great way to look for coupons! As I was browsing for coupons and how to find coupons, I came across an app that is available to all iPhone and Android users. It’s a free app that allows an individual to take a picture of their coupon, it scans it and it read the bar code on the coupon, that way when you get to the store you already have the coupon with you. I my self is guilty of getting a coupon in the mail and then forgetting it when I go to the store. This app also allows you to search for stores and if coupons are available it will show up on your screen. The stores do not only apply to clothing stores, it has everything on this app ranging from toy stores, to restaurants and take out food places. Below are some pictures of what the initial app looks like. I searched for my favorite stores and this is what popped up:

photo photo2photo3

I absolutely love this app because even if I don’t have any coupons with me, the search bar will help you see if the coupons are available. It’s great for saving money and can help us college students do exactly that! Below is a very brief tutorial on how it works from the CEO who came up with the idea. This app is also helpful to those who use a lot of coupons and can’t carry all with them. It’s a very organized app that’s good for anyone who wants to save some extra cash! Enjoy and I hope this helps!

If you would like to learn more about the app, Youtube has great videos explaining more on how it works.

-Take Care

Great Deals

As I was online shopping, I came across four pair of pants that I absolutely love and that are not costly at all! It’s funny because they were shown in the same row, so I quickly screen shot them so I can share with you all.

This photo is credited to Forever21.com

These trousers are great for being classy or for a night out! There are so many ways you can mix and match them. The “high-waisted” look makes these trousers fit for a day in the office, with a tucked in blouse it would be very professional if you ask me. As for a night out, a crop top and a nice blazer would go great together. Heels are always a must but flats are acceptable! As you can see they only range from $20 to $25 dollars and if you click on the photo it will bring to the page where I found them. Happy Shopping ladies!

-Take Care



This photo was found on google.com but originated from a blogspot account

Hello to all and welcome to my “A Fashionista’s Guideline to Success!” blog. This blog will serve as  a helpful tool to all young fashionista’s in the making. Postings will consist of outfits of my liking and a brief description on how they can help you “dress to impress” or for success and much more! First impressions are always a deal breaker, you want to look your best in order to land your ideal job or even if it is just to enjoy a night out in the town with your fellow buddies. Some people tend to believe that in order to dress for success you have to have all designer clothing, handbags, or shoes, well I must tell you that they are completely WRONG! It doesn’t matter who you are wearing, what counts is how well your outfit is put together. You can find nice clothing at an affordable price and you can buy more than one piece of material all for the price of that one pair of shoes or handbag! Some of my favorite stores include Forever 21, Express, and PacSun. Express and PacSun may be a little bit more costly than Forever21 but the best time to shop in these stores is when they have sales. Some of the clothing can be up to 50% off and with the quality they have in the store it’s an offer that’s to hard to pass along. When shopping, it is also great idea to check for coupons online and always make sure to give an E-mail if you are asked because companies always send information on sales and clearance and if you are a really good customer they may even send you a money off coupon for your next purchase! This does not only apply to Express or PacSun, it also qualifies for any store willing to give discounts. I hope this small tip is helpful in the long run and I hope to see some of you back soon!

-Take Care


This photo was taken from my personal tumblr blog and can be found by clicking on the photo. I really love the leather jacket. Similar ones can be found at Forever21.com along with the striped shirt and color jeans